Pegasos PR creates, develops and edits the content for various activities related to marketing including content for websites, newsletters, Press Releases, blogs, articles, advertorials, and general marketing materials.

  • Websites:We develop the content for the textual, visual or aura content that is encountered as part of the user experience on your company website
  • Newsletters:We create newsletter content that bonds users with your organization more than a website can
  • Press Releases:Our Press Releases implore the news media to help us announce something ostensibly newsworthy
  • Blogs:Our well designed, tightly structured blogs attract readers with compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time
  • Articles/Advertorials: We create an interesting read, divulging details of a product or service,
    entertaining readers while convincing them of a value to your product of service
  • Social Media: We build a community, increase brand awareness and boost customer engagement through various social media venues