Tips for Increasing Your Followers on Social Media

Finding an audience on social media is tough business. You’re not just competing with local businesses, but with companies from across the country, and even around the world! So, what are some ways you can take the reins of your social media and speed toward success? 

  1. Be Consistent
    • When you first start doing social media, you might be trying to post daily. Like running a marathon, if you don’t pace yourself, chances are you’re going to fizzle out fast. Sporadic posts aren’t going to give you the momentum you need to get more followers. Work out a manageable schedule for your social media posts and schedule them ahead of time on websites like Buffer.
  2. Use Hashtags
    • If you’re posting on your social media and you’re not using hashtags, it’s a hugged missed opportunity. Hashtags allow people to search for topics that are relevant to them while giving you a way to create free exposure for your brand. Whether you’re tagging something general like #MotivationalQuotes or something specific like #PeanutButterIceCreamSandwhiches using hashtags can help you reach new ice cream lovers everywhere.
  3. Engaging Content
    • No matter how consistent and diligent you are, if you don’t have engaging content, you won’t be generating new followers. So, what is engaging content?  Broadly speaking, engaging content is helpful, creative, or informative.
    • For example, let’s say you make candles. You can create engaging content by sharing a video showing your process, updating followers on new limited-edition scents, or even making a “What Kind of Scented Candle Would You Be?” quiz. People scroll through plenty of social media accounts daily. Post something worthwhile that will make them want to hit that follow button!

If you still feel like you don’t have a good handle on the reins of your social media, Pegasos provides social media marketing services that will lift your business off the ground and help you soar.