How to Get Your Business “In the News”!

Public relations and connections with the media are a huge part of getting your business in the spotlight.  The question is, how do you get your business in the news? 

Have a Newsworthy Story

While a sale on t-shirts is something great to promote on your social media, it’s not quite exciting enough to get on the news (unless, of course, it’s Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday). Are you hosting a non-profit charity ball? Have a new unique ice cream flavor that will makes customer’s taste buds tingle? Maybe you want to highlight some of the unique challenges that you or your employees have overcome to craft your success story. Every business has a story if you dig deep enough, so make the most of it. 

Write a Press Release and Pitch to Media Contacts

Everything in PR starts with communication. If you want to get on the news, you must develop a list of local industry and media contacts. After you’ve made a list of contacts you want to target, write a short press release with all the important details and submit it to a reporter. News outlets sort through hundreds of pitches daily, so keeping a press release to a page will give you the best chances of making sure your story is given the attention it deserves.

Don’t Discount Smaller News Outlets

Getting in the news can be a lengthy process. It may take you a while to get bigger media coverage. Don’t be discouraged by small media coverage. Embrace all media opportunities you can, even if it’s not national coverage. No matter what, you can always use the free press for social media.

If the task of getting on the news sounds too daunting on your own, Pegasos PR can whip up compelling press releases for you, put you in contact with local reporters, and even give you talking points for your interview.